Welcome!  I am happy to announce that I am back to the blogging world.  I hope you like the new look and find this blog both inspirational and informational.   The new name is the realization of a dream of mine.  For several years I have wanted to use both of my daughter’s middle names as the title for a blog or ministry or something.  So as I began to consider a new look and name for the former Motivational Monday for Moms (Adventures of the Harris 5 blog) it didn’t take very long before I knew what it should be.  In thinking about my heart for this blog, I realized how much grace and hope I need to live daily and I pray I am giving grace and hope to others.

I wanted to expand from writing a short little devotional each week and the occassional craft or recipe post to posting on a more regular basis and having some variety. I do plan to post a weekly devotion, as I get just as much encouragement from preparing it as I hope you do reading it.  I will be posting recipe and meal planning ideas, an area I have grown to enjoy.  I love creating and creativity and will be featuring crafting and DIY projects of my own and others and I want to pass those along from time to time.  With the arrival of summer and a much needed break, I hope to provide memory making inspiration of things you can do as a family. I am even going to include a few ideas for summer fun with your spouse.  One personal project I am really excited about is REAL HOME.  Watch for information very soon and also how you can join in.

If you can’t tell yet, I am VERY excited about this and I look forward to sharing with each of YOU!


May your home be filled with Hope and Grace,


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