Real Home

Picture perfect homes, beautifully set tables, the party of the century, bodies with zero fat, homemade food and gifts……..there are just so many ideas and images, that at times it feels so overwhelming.    I do find inspiration and beauty, however I realize that I am also seeing other’s highlight reels.  I made a decision a little while back as I was thinking about that, and I just snapped  a photo of my bathroom counter, just like it was-MESSY! It doesn’t always look this, but it does sometimes. I wanted to show something real.

bathroom counter


That spurred a two part idea.  First, I am going to take a photo every week somewhere in my home.  It may be that the room I capture is as neat as a pin or it may be messy.   I will take photos of some of my favorite things about my home as well, a favorite feature or space.  The heart behind it is to show that REAL LIFE happens in a REAL HOME!  It is just so easy to fall into the trap of comparison rather than inspiration as we take a peek into someone’s living room or kitchen or backyard!  At times my life is so busy and I have to let the house go in order to meet other, more important needs!!!!

Now for the second part of the idea…I am going to be tackling a room a week all summer long.  Cleaning, organizing, straightening, tossing.  I will post at the end of each week what room I will be working on for the upcoming week.  Join me if you want.  We’ll help each other and hopefully by the end of the summer we’ll be more organized and ready for the Fall.

Again, I will snap a photo each week:
*Might be messy
*Might be clean
*Might be a favorite space inside or even outside
*Might be a favorite feature about a room

I will be sharing my photos on  Instagram each week. Feel free to participate if  you want to-there is no pressure. This is a No Judgement Zone-just real life in a real home.  If you want to post your photos be sure to  include the hashtag #realhomehope.

I hope you find encouragement and helpful ideas here.




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