Cleaning and Organization

I like a clean and organized home,  just ask my family.  One of my favorite sayings for the longest time was, “A place for everything and everything in its place.” (Benjamin Franklin).  However, I admit that I have learned to not obsess over it like I used to.  I have also learned a few things over the years that have helped.

1.) When cleaning in a room, if I find something(s) that doesn’t belong, I set it right outside the door and continue cleaning.  It takes so much more time to stop, go put the item away and then return.  And knowing myself, I would leave the room to return the item and do 500 other things on the way!  Chances are as you clean you will come across other items that don’t belong and this helps with staying focused on the room you’re in!

2.) END OF DAY-After b-fast, lunch simply rinse dishes and set in side sink.  After dinner wash/put in dishwasher.  Have kids help with sweeping, cleaning off the table and wiping counters and fridge down. Then you are done for the evening.  If having even clean dishes in the sink overnight bothers you,  put everything away just before bed.  (And don’t be afraid to use those paper products every now and then).

3.) Come up with a general cleaning day. Growing up, my mom cleaned every single Monday.  I did as well until last year when I began working full time.  I admit here and now that I did NOT clean every single week this passed school year.  Oh my goodness-everyone knows now and I am okay with that.  Working every single day from 7 to almost 4, coming home to cook, then… get the idea and many of you are in the exact same boat.  It’s okay.  I am still thinking about how I am going to handle this when school starts back.  But, in general, if you can, clean bathrooms, dust and vacuum, sweep and mop at least once a week.  I know I have read to deep clean an area, an appliance, a room each week or month all year long so that it gets done, but over time.  Good idea too.  Each person, family, circumstance is different, so find something that works for YOU!!!

4.) Let your kids help! We have a chore chart and both my girls do their own laundry once a week now.  This helps so much.  Also, teaching and equipping our children is so very important because someday they are going to have homes and families of their own.  I know every child does not enjoy cleaning, however, as a family it os very important that each person contributes. And of course we aren’t expecting a three year old to go clean all the windows, so conducer the small simple ways each of your children can help.

These tips are really simple, but hopefully they convey low pressure and yet productivity.

Happy Cleaning,


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