Motivation Monday for Moms {Rest}

Motivation Monday {Rest}

“What is it about sitting and staring out a window, watching the landscape flying by, listening to my children laughing in the backseat, reading a magazine, listening to my husband’s awesome playlist of songs that makes me feel so renewed?  Life has slowed down.  There are no have-to’s.  Just rest.  Jesus tells us to come to Him when we are weary and He gives us rest.  I will be the first to admit, slowing down is very hard for me. However, when I step away from it all, I am able to refocus, rest and reprioritize.  Creativity begins to stir up. Can’t wait to see what God shows me this week, but for now, I’m enjoying the peace of the drive and the beautiful mountains just up on the horizon.”  I found this piece of writing as I was looking through old notes in my phone recently.  It is dated June 23, 2012.  Fast forward two years and I find myself in this exact spot, feeling the same way as we headed into the mountains for a much needed vacation and time with my parents.

As I mentioned last week, I have exited one of THE busiest seasons I can remember.  Back in the Spring we planned  a summer vacation to the mountains in New Mexico with my  parents.  Getting away from regular responsibilities and dailyness of life is what we all needed.  Waking up when we wanted, walking around the cute town window shopping, eating, talking, laughing, making memories.  Taking in the moments.  Treasuring our time together.  Resting.

We all need rest.  Even the Creator of the Universe rested.  He wants us to take time to rest.  I realize rest looks different for everyone due to work, family, finances.  But it is important.  Just the other day Jack and I took a bike ride down to the pier a few blocks from our house.   We sat on the edge of the water, watching the shrimp boats going out.  Watching the fish jump out of the water and dart back in.  We rested.  Pick a morning once a month and declare it a  time of rest.  Sleep in or at least stay in bed.  Read the Bible, read a book.  Have all the kids pile in and watch a show together or talk.  Rest. Ask God for a creative idea-He’s full of them!!!

Rest in God’s Word.  The Bible is full of promises from God.  Carve out a few minutes of every morning to look up and read (and even memorize)  verses about resting in God.  I love the truth in the verse above.  As we have a holy reverence for God, He gives us rest.  And I realize we will have trouble, but I believe this verse is saying that we have complete rest in Him and He will take care of the trouble!!!  I assure you during busy seasons when it seems that physical rest is no where in sight, it’s amazing how God’s Word provides a complete sense of rest.

I pray you find REST,





Here are a few other verses about REST:

Genesis 2:2-3
Exodus 20:8-11
Exodus 33:14
Psalm 73:26
Psalm 61:1
Psalm 62:1-2
Isaiah 40:28-31
Matthew 11:28
Psalm 127:1-2
I Peter 5:7
Psalm 116:7


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