Summer Love~Loving Summer

Summer Love~Loving Summer

Since I have had children summer has become my favorite time.  We have made some wonderful memories as a family over the years during the sweet days of summer.  We have made our Summer List and we have a few things left to do.  As much fun as it it is to make memories as a family, if you are married take some time to make memories with your spouse.  These ideas are not just “summer only” ideas, but weather wise may work easier during the nicer weather months.

~Go get a cold treat together.  Frozen yogurt, popsicles, or ice cream.  Just the two of you.  Then take a walk on the beach, a drive through a pretty area, or sit at a park and talk.  Or, sit and enjoy the beauty quietly together.  Hold hands, talk about a favorite summer memory you have as a child, or one you have shared together as a couple or as a family.  This date can take 30 minutes or 3 hours.

~DIY Photo Session.  When was the last time the two of you had pictures taken together?  Dressed up, real pictures, just the two of you? As nice as professional photos are, it’s easier than you think and tons of fun.

Once you have convinced your spouse of the fun ya’ll will have…..

1.)Pick out your clothes.  Something that coordinates but does not have to be matchy-matchy.
2.)Pick out your location: park, backyard, local boat pier.  An hour before sunset is a picture perfect time on a nice day. Consider the traffic of the area you decide on.
3.)Think about some poses that you would like.  Lots of ideas out there in social media land.
4.)Select your camera: i-phone or digital.
5.)Set the self-timer. (Might have to recruit someone if you use your i-phone).
6.)If you use the self-timer on your digital camera:  secure your camera on a table, chair, bench, or tripod and have your spouse get in place.  Press the shutter and run into place.  This may take a few times, but you’ll get it.  It’s actually pretty fun and below are a few shots from our very own DIY session.

7.)Be silly, be serious, have fun, remember how in love you are.

8.)Get the pictures printed!  Tons of options for this as well.

~Breakfast or Lunch Date. Self explanatory.  Usually cheaper than dinner.

It may take coordinating sitters and schedules, but your marriage is worth every investment of time and effort you put in.  We will have children for a season, and our spouses much, much longer.  Take time now to stay connected and enjoy each other.  This is also good for your children to see, we want to set as many good examples of healthy relationships as possible.


Happy Dating,




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