Motivation Monday for Moms {Does Balance Really Exist?}

I must start with a Jack funny.  (He is our nine year old resident comedian).  Last night Adam and Jack were talking and apparently Jack rolled his eyes at something Adam said. When Adam asked him about that, his response was, “My eyes were still, my head was rolling.”  He never ceases to amaze me.


Now, back to our regularly scheduled program.  When I hear the word balance I picture a set of old fashioned gold scales perfectly even with each other in perfect balance.  If your life is anything like mine the only time our “life scale” may look like that is when we are all asleep at night. (I give credit for that thought to a sweet lady that serves as a mentor and friend to a group of us younger ladies).  She’s right.  Then Ms. Nancy said, “Balance is found in setting priorities.” I sat in this group of ladies last week and we talked about this very topic-BALANCE.   We could have closed our notebooks, picked up our purses and left with that one thought alone, however, we needed to stay and unpack that thought some more.  So glad we did. I took four pages of top to bottom notes. I’d like to share a little of that with you now.


When life begins to spin out of control , focus on Jesus, follow His example.  He would go away and pray.  That is where balance begins.  Prayerfully considering your priorities.

God gives ME grace to carry out what He’s called ME to do, not what He’s called YOU to do. The same is true for you.

“Guard your heart for out of it flow the issues of life.” Proverbs 4:23


Here are a few tips to help bring balance into your life:

Schedule solitude.  Yes.  Put it on the calendar.  It may be one or two hours once a week or one day a month.  Follow through.  Not only will you benefit from this, everyone around you will too.

Live in tune.  Allow God to arrange your day and then allow Him to interrupt even that.  Really yield to the Holy Spirit.  Remember He is a God of order and he doesn’t go around confused and changing His mind.  Listen for His gently leading.

Learn to say No.  It is NOT a bad word.  And think of all the things you can say YES to once you say no to a few.  My friend Paula says, ” Sometimes you have to say NO to the good to get to the great.”

Partner with others.  We were never intended to go on this journey of life alone.

We must be sure we are only doing what God has called us to do.

Balance looks completely different for a mom with young kids, to a working, single woman, to an empty-nester.  Take some time this week as you are having your quiet time and work through the following three tips:

Consider what in your life is not working.
Then ask-How did it get that way?
Finally-How do I change/fix this?


God cares so deeply for you and He wants you to live in His will.  I hope you are encouraged that balance does exist and I hope you take some steps this week to evaluate where you are at.


Living balanced with His help,





One thought on “Motivation Monday for Moms {Does Balance Really Exist?}

  1. I absolutely agree!!!! You would think I’d have this mastered by now. Lol! But just about every year I get myself in a pickle jar so tight and have to reevaluate our calendar. My husband will put me in check too when he starts to see me saying “yes, yes and yes”. With 5 kids, me and my husbands agenda it can get to be an overload REAL quick. I think it’s good to do a calendar check at least every six months or even less, just to make sure each of us are God focused and not self focused.
    Thank you Tiffany. ❤️❤️

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