Hope and Grace



I have to admit that it’s a bit embarrassing that my last post is dated February 13th, 2015!  However, that was when a  big change was just beginning to stir in the Harris home!  To think of ALL that the last 17 months have held for us.  I am definitely at a place where I can confidently say that I KNOW God used all that we have been through to prepare us for all that He has for us in this next season.  We believe without a shadow of a doubt that we are supposed to be in San Antonio-God brought us here.  We know our faith needs to be stronger than ever-we had MANY challenges that caused us to go deeper in the Lord and has built our faith.  We have had hope through it all and have experienced beautiful grace as well. I love how God works, okay so maybe not during the process, but looking back, we can definitely say we’ve seen His hand.  Knowing He was with us through it all.  To be where we are now-spiritually, physically, emotionally.  We’ve learned so many lessons.  We know that we have God on our side and we have each other.  I am not thankful for the circumstances, rather for a God that uses everything IF we let Him.  If we choose to allow Him to walk us THROUGH the circumstances.  HE alone redeems what seems hopeless or even way beyond our control.  HE is faithful.  He IS faithful.  He is FAITHFUL!!!