Motivation Monday for Moms {Simply Stated}

Motivation Monday for Moms {Simply Stated}




Motivation Monday for Moms {Simply Stated}



Motivation Monday for Moms {Simply Stated}




Motivation Monday for Moms {Simply Stated}




Have a Beautiful Monday,




Motivation Monday for Moms {Inspiration from Others}

I hope everyone’s first week back to school was great.  Our family had a great week.  I cannot believe Hannah is a sophomore, Brooklin is in 8th grade , and Jack is in 3rd grade.  They were all little just yesterday.  I am so proud of each of them.  God has gifted each one and has a purpose and plan for them.

Motivation Monday for Moms {Inspiration from Others}

Now for today’s Motivation. I am a very visually sensitive person.  (I just made that term up).  What I mean is that I am very observant of my surroundings all of the time.  I am always noticing a great location for a photo shoot, or beauty in nature, etc.  Beautiful things are inspiring and everyone is inspired by different beautiful things.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  With that being said, I am sharing several links to other blogs that inspire me.  Some inspire me spiritually, others creatively, and I hope you find inspiration as well.

I have a friend from the church we were previously at (before we moved to Rockport)that started a Mommy’s group and also a blog.  She is an amazing woman of God, wife and mom.  Here is a link to her blog.

For inspiration for your children, here is a link to a blog she started with her little boy about taking care of the earth.

I am absolutely inspired by Ann Voskamp’s blog.

Jennifer Price, along with her husband and family are missionaries in Africa and her heart and creativity always provide just the right inspiration at just the right time. Here is a link to her blog.

And this girl….well, she has my heart.  I am so blessed to call her mine.  She is an amazing writer and deep soul.  Her blog is found here.

I hope you find some inspiration as you check out these links.


Have a beautifully inspired Monday,




Motivation Monday {School Days, School Days}

Motivation Monday {School Days, School Days}

The day will dawn early.  I will awaken to my alarm clock at an hour not many appreciate.  I will lay still and take in the silence, the stillness.  The sound of the coffee pot drip, drip, dripping, the aroma waking me further.  I will sit up and stretch.  Today.  The first day of school for the 2014-2015 school year has arrived.  I am ready.  HE has made me ready.  I have prayed all summer for my kid’s teachers, new classmates, old friends, my co-workers, and administrators.  Today is a new day.   The beginning of a new school year is old and familiar, yet new and exciting. And prayer holds it ALL together.

My heart is stirred when I think of the power of prayer.  When I think of all the prayers I have prayed and ALL the answered prayers I have witnessed.  Prayer takes time and commitment.  Many prayers are prayed and  seem as though they did not lift past the ceiling.  Yet, I believe every prayer is ushered into Heaven where the Father of all time hears and knows and understands every aspect from beginning to end of the prayer before Him.  And HE answers according to His will and according to our faith.  I am thankful that our faith can be as small as the tiny seed of a mustard tree. He knows us well.  He answers us well. My prayer for you is that you take some time to pray over your children daily.  Take some time to also pray for those children that will be around your children. God is faithful. He hears.

Here are two verses to encourage your children with as they go out to be Light in a dark world and salt in a distasteful world…

I Timothy 4:12 “Dpn’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set forth an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity.”


Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ Who strengthens me. ”


Happy School Day to you all,


Motivation Monday {Preparing for School}

Motivation Monday {Preparing for School}


I love this time of year.  It has been a great summer, but it can’t be summer forever.  Time for new school supplies, packing lunches and daily routines.  In preparation for that, I would love to hear from YOU about first day of school traditions, easy recipe ideas, any ideas that you have found to be helpful as you prepare to send your child(ten) back to school.  I will be posting each day this week based on your suggestions and tips.  Feel free to email me at, leave a comment on Facebook, or here on the blog.  I look forward to hearing from you.


Happy Last Few Days of School,


Motivation Monday for Moms {Praying for our Children}

Motivation Monday {Praying for our Children}


As we prepared to leave for our annual trip to the mountains, I was not only preparing physically by packing all that we would need for a week.  I was also preparing my heart to hear from God.  Before you think I sound super spiritual about hearing from God, I prayed and asked God to open my heart to hear Him through my times of Bible reading and prayer, through the sermons I would hear, and through conversations I would have.   I knew I felt God stirring in my heart about praying for my children and the kids in my community.  I was not disappointed!  The very first sermon the very first night was about prayer!  God is so very, very faithful.  As a Believer since nine years of age, I have seen the power of prayer at work.  I know the power of prayer was at work before I was even born. Prayer paves the way, it changes people and circumstances.  “Prayer is not an old woman’s idle amusement. Properly understood and applied, it is the most potent instrument of action.” Mahatma Gandhi and “To be a Christian without prayer is no more possible to be alive without breathing.”  Martin Luther.

My heart has grown burdened  over the last few months for all that I see and hear about concerning our children and all they seem to face.  A  new school year is just around the corner and the outside influences, good and bad, are there too.  The devil does’t take a break and neither should I.  It is time to take a stronger stand than ever. Having children will cause us to freak out or grow our faith (and most of the time its both)!!!!  With some of the things I have personally seen and the things I have heard about from my own kids, I have decided something, “Not on my watch!”  I am taking a stand.  Not a “come join my whine and complain group”, rather a “stand in the gap” group.  Philippians 4:6 (photo above) says it perfectly.  Do not be anxious about ANYTHING, but in EVERY situation…. I love God’s Word and how it speaks to our exact needs.

Another verse that I have gone back to over the years when I have felt a sense of urgency is this one:

Motivation Monday {Praying for our Children}

There is no magic in prayer. It is simply talking to God, in faith.  It is also listening, in faith.  Prayers are not always answered when and how we feel they should be. God’s way and timing is PERFECT.

Be unrelenting in your prayers for your children.  Don’t settle.  Don’t join the “gripe clubs”.  Let’s push back the darkness not only for our own children, but for all that they will come into contact with.

***I will be posting verses and prayer starters on a regular basis to help you as you pray for your children and other children you know.  In order to be as helpful as possible, what are the things you are finding yourself praying about for your children the most?  Health, protection, self control……And  I would love to hear how you have seen prayer work in your own family,  please share your story.  Be sure to indicate if I may share your story on my blog.  I will also be sharing stories about answered prayer in our own family.


God Bless each of you praying mommas,


Motivation Monday for Moms {It’s Jack’s Birthday!}

So today I am taking a break from my usual devotional posting to say a  Happy Birthday to our youngest, Jack.  This child is an answer to our prayers and the fulfillment of a promise from God to us.  Today we celebrate 9 wonderful  years!  Some days have been way more challenging than others, but  most days are  just full of high energy life from sun up to sun down.  He is growing in his walk with the Lord and that makes me the happiest.  There is so much I could say about Jack, but then it would just go on and on so here are a few pictures of his life.







Jack is four and ready to play soccer!

Jack is four and ready to play soccer!


Jack is 5 and celebrating with friends and family at the Houston Children's Museum!

Jack is 5 and celebrating with friends and family at the Houston Children’s Museum!

Jack's 6th birthday.  Celebrating with friends from church and school Mario style!

Jack’s 6th birthday. Celebrating with friends from church and school Mario style!

Jack is 7!!

Jack is 7!!

Super Jack is 8!

Super Jack is 8!

I haven’t gotten a picture of him yet, so I’ll (hopefully) post later today. Time really does go by so quickly, I am so thankful for answered prayer and all that God has for Jack!  Happy Birthday Jack!


Have a blessed day,